Monday, October 6, 2008

October Love

The title of this blog is called "October Love" for many reasons. One is because Im falling in love with my life style here in Japan, my new friends that Im making, and the country itself. JAPAN is AWESOME.

This is me and Zaki. I met Zaki about a month and a half ago Starbucks, and we have almost every weekend together since then!!!
Now wait wait wait, I know what you are thinking.....

Hes not my boyfriend you guys!!!

But I love him so much. We were made to be friends. And it came at a good time in my life. Being in a foreign country without your family, can get frustrating sometimes. But when you have a host family like the one I have, and great friends....It makes everyday a wonderful, beautiful, exciting day. I Love you Zaki!!

This is my dearest Yuji! Hes so great and funny and sweet! Its always nice grabbing a Caramel Frapp together at Starbucks! And then talking about the people who pass us! Who's outfit is cute, who looks crazy....ect.

Ya know the norm.....

:)Beijos Yuji!

This would be my Zaki, and my friend Akiko!

One day I was walking through the Station on the way home from school, and Akiko recognized me as the friend of her friend and wanted to talk! She is a wonderful singer and actually went to a music school in Tokyo.

For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE music. Its nice to have other musical people around me!

I'm so happy to be her friend!

Akiko invited me to an "International Language exchange party" It was in a university in Nagoya.

The purpose is for foreigners who want to learn or practice Japanese, to speak with native speakers, and for native Japanese speakers who want to practice their English to come together and learn through conversation!

We all sat in small groups, and the native Japanese speakers rotated tables.
The first hour and a half we could only speak in English, the second hour and a half it was JAPANESE ONLY!!!! It was so fun. These are some of the friends I made.
Zaki and I went together:)
Of course!

I had a blast, practiced speaking Japanese, and made friends in the process!

This is Yuji and Xandy ( A friend of a friend and now my friend too!!)

We went to Karaoke together.....
I cant explain myself, so Ill let the video I took do it for me.....enjoy

I keep getting lucky. Everyone I meet is GREAT. XANDY DARLING BEIJOS!

Xandy Singing for me......

My Zaki and Yuji singing! Aren't they cute?
But wait wait wait.....there are more reasons why this blog entry is called "October Love"

MATSURI!!! (Festival)

The Fall Festival! Here is a clip of the main attraction! Men carrying around this heavy.....thing on their shoulders, shouting to the top of their lungs. My goodness, how awesome is that? I don't know exactly why they do it (lol) but its certainly fun to watch. Have a look! All of this was held at the Buddhist Temple!

Ok so you can totally see why My heart is full of Love this October. Because life is great, and exciting, and fun, and I am in Japan! OMG. IM IN JAPAN!!









-Paris in (love with) Japan

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blackrain said...

Looks like your having a great time. It's easy to fall in love with Japan. I fell in love almost 20 years ago. Ja mata!