Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My Apologies....I take so many pictures, and my memory cards get full, and each night before I go to bed, I tell myself I am going to write a blog post. I end up falling asleep with my laptop nearby.
Between School, And Bukatasu (School Club activities) I'm drained by the end of the day!

But Id like to share with you some interesting things that have happened in the past weeks!!!

So, this picture is of a Christian church I visited....

I really enjoy visiting the Buddhist Temples here in Japan, But Ill admit I missed my church back home in America, So when one of my Brazilian friends invited me to her church, I decided to go! Its a smaller church, and most of the members are young, but I felt really welcomed.

It wasnt too different from my church back home. The church that I attend in America is conducted in Spanish, and the church I visited here was conducted in Portuguese (the languages are similar) So I could follow!

The Christian community is very close here in Toyohashi. In comparison with America, a country founded on religious ideas, It is at the forefront of American Culture, and many people identify with a religion.

Here in Japan, from my experience, its less common. Of course many people are Buddhist, but many of my friends don't identify with any religion at all!

I remember seeing an interview on TV about 2 weeks ago about brides in Japan, many of them want a Christian wedding....they want to wear the white dress! But when asked if they wanted to convert to Christianity, one bride replied...."Of course not, I just like the wedding tradition.....

So Christians are the minority here....but its interesting that I happen to meet so many of them!

So I know this picture looks a little goofy, but these guys are actually Christian Missionaries living here in Japan. These guys were great! They volunteer in children's hospitals, and homes for the elderly to entertain, and spread the word of God!

This day they were making balloon animals for donations for their church.

They were so friendly, and you know its always nice to meet someone who speaks your language!

In Japan....its a must, no questions asked, no buts about it....YOU MUST PUT UP THE PEACE SIGN WHEN YOU TAKE A PICTURE hahaha.

Most people don't even think about it before they do it. Its like a default pose for every young Japanese person!

its natural for them! its become natural for me as well.....When in Rome....

When in Japan.......

..........I went to Nagoya.....for about the 10th time (lol) but it was great because I had another day with the Hattoris, which is always a pleasure

We visited the Nagoya police agency and I learned more about Japans gun control laws, and some of the challenges they are currently facing....

The police station has a museum type area about traffic safety, police uniforms, and types of vehicles that are used in law enforcement.
You can try on some of the hats the Japanese police officers use!
Quite stylish if you ask me!

Don't I look cool????

Mrs. Hattori even tired an interactive bicycle game!

Lastly on that day I visited Yoshis High School! Oh it was wonderful.....these were my student guides for my tour around the school.
I think the people in Nagoya are more accustomed to seeing foreigners around, because Nagoya is such a large city, so it was a relief and a change of pace, to be in a school, where students actually treated me....regular. LOL They say hello, and go on about their business....they don't care how old I am, where I came from, or if I speak Japanese....
Sometimes at my school here in Toyohashi I feel like my class room is a zoo....people stop by and peak in the window, giggle when they see me, and on average one person can wave at me about.....I'd say.....8 times a day.
Its quite sweet but It makes me feel like an alien sometimes!
The adventures just keep on comin'
I meet new people almost everyday
And I am having the time of my life.
I still have about 4 months to go, but in all honesty, its not long enough.
I miss my friends in America, and my family, and my school....
But it is going to be just as hard leaving Japan, as it was leaving America.
My host family has taken such good care of me,
and my friends here have become part of my extended Japan family as well :)
When I was sad, they were they for me, when I was bored, they showed me around town, when my brain hurt from trying to speak Japanese they spoke to me in English. Ill remember these things forever.
Don't ever let anyone tell you different, its true, Ive heard it, and I know you've heard it too...."Time flies when you are having fun"
Well trust me it goes even faster when you are learning a new language and creating life long bonds........


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